Monday, March 08, 2010

4 or 5 days to go

One of the useful skills I picked up in the Navy Supply Corps was the ability to calculate inclusive dates.  So if you need to know how many days it is from March 8th through the 13th, I can work that out for you with variations depending on whether both the 8th and the 13th are to be counted or omitted or only one of them, etc.  The problem comes in knowing when to pick one option over others.
Anyway, it's 10 am (Denver time) on March 8th, give or take a few minutes.  We can get onboard around noon (San Diego time) on March 13th.  Strictly speaking, that's 5 days and about 3 hours from now.  But do we start the official "Vacation" when my flight leaves?  When my husband starts to drive out?  When he and my daughter leave Phoenix?  When we all reunite in San Diego?  If we pick my husband's drive as the start, we're under 3 days already.
We've assembled more stuff in the guest room with the suitcase, for what that's worth.  Note that preposition, though; it's crucial.  "With", not "in".  We really need to make that transition tonight, I guess, for most stuff - especially since the suitcase is on the brink of becoming plural, depending on shoes (it's always the shoes!).
This time next week, I plan to be "reading" (more likely, napping with a book) in a deck chair in the sun somewhere - unless there's a cooking class or wine tasting going on.  Well, there's a thought to hold work at bay for a while....

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