Wednesday, March 03, 2010

... and 3-4 clothespins

A lot of the web-based packing lists for cruising include clothespins.  They have multiple uses - if you need to do a quick swish of the skivvies in Woolite, a la Rick Steves, they can anchor the results to that laundry line that pulls out from the wall.  They could serve as skirt clips if the hangers don't have anything like that.  And they can weigh down the shower curtain to keep the water confined to the shower.  We've actually used them a lot on previous cruises.
So why can't I find them anywhere this time?  Have we maybe been donating them to each ship as we leave?  During my adult life, I know that I have purchased at least two packages of the french-style wire clothespins.  We don't just use them for cruises; they're also pretty handy to close the top of an open bag of chips.  But when I started packing on Sunday and went around the house to gather them up, I found exactly two of them.  Only enough to hold down the shower curtain - not enough for our needs. 
They don't appear to be for sale just now anywhere - Target's Dollar Spot would be the most likely place, but I didn't see any there.  So I'm substituting the wooden ones this trip.  I have a fresh package of those that I found in Phoenix a while back and flew home in my carryon bag.  I actually saw them on the TSA x-ray image, and I can't imagine what they made of them - but they let me on the plane with them and we can use them now.
They'll go in the car with my husband, though.  We need them on the ship and I don't want to be forced to mail them home from the airport.

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