Friday, March 12, 2010

Now all I have to do is survive the rest of the workday...

We are packed.  The luggage is in Arizona, making its way overland to the port.  I have made my list, checked it so many times the print has worn off, and we have everything we need (unless I forgot to put it on the list).  The house is closed up, doors locked, trash taken out, dishwasher run and emptied, disposal run (don't ever forget that one, or you really won't want to come home!), the mail and paper stopped, the cat sitter engaged, and the dogs off visiting their grandparents.  I got the lights set up on timers and a radio set to come on occasionally.  The kitchen sink and counters are clean.  I have checked in for my (corrected) flight.  There is gas in my car so I can drive to the airport.  I have removed dangerous liquids and pointed objects from my carryon - including a toothpick I found in one of the pockets that I can't explain.  I have my sandals and hairbrush and iPod and sunglasses and passport, and a few spare chargers for things.
I think we're ready to go.  I certainly hope so, because after all that, I'm kind of tired!

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